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Duracomb, the better alternative to fluted and bubble boards

Compare the difference. Duracomb provides a stronger, lighter, and more affordable alternative to both corrugated plastic and cup-structure plastic sandwich boards. With hexacomb cell walls, Duracomb provides three-way reinforcement across the core, as opposed to the 1-directional lateral fluting of traditional corrugated plastic. Additionally, Duracomb's perpendicular cell structure excels cupped corrugation in material efficiency and performance.

Stronger Material
— Inspired By Nature

Our proprietary honeycomb plastic core makes all the difference. Lighter and stronger, Duracomb provides the best value for manufacturing, packaging, construction, automotive and other applications.

Duracomb Bee

Superior Strength In Every Direction

Duracomb was put to the test against both traditional fluted corrugated panels and cup-shaped panels. At a lighter weight than fluted corrugated panels and cup-shaped panels, it surpassed both. At a comparable weight to the other products, Duracomb delivered nearly doubled the strength.

Compression Strength Test

Fluted Panel 2,000gsm
Cup-Shaped Panel 3,000 gsm
Duracomb Panel 1,800 gsm

Efficiency and Strength for Limitless Uses

Duracomb is designed to meet or exceed the structural capabilities of other corrugated plastic and paper panels. It's an ideal solution for everything from boxes to concrete framing. Here are a few of the ways it's being deployed:

Reusable Corrugated Packaging

Construction & Forming

Cladding & Panels

Environmental & Accoustic Design

Printed Surfaces & Signage

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